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Chronic Ear Infections in an Infant

             Laird had been having chronic ear infections from 6 months of age until he was almost 2 years old! Multiple prescriptions, Docotr's visits and treatments resulted in a cranky child and no rest at night. Just before his second birthday he started receiveing chiropractic care from Dr. Byrd at Chiropractic for Health. Since starting care, Laird has been ear infection free! 


For a minimum of the last five years, I was taking 4-6 Excedrin daily due to having a constant headache. The self-medication only masked the pain and was accompanied by negative side effects. My energy level was low and daily tasks seemed daunting. I have had minimal experiences with chiropractic care. I'd only temporarily sought treatment at age 15. I was adjusted about 10 times and also had electric stimulation to my muscles, observing little results. Since beginning care at Chiropractic for Health, which wasn't very long ago, my headaches have been significantly reduced and I have been sleeping better and waking up with more energy. For the first time in years i wake up with little to no headache which has made me more positive about life in general. It has given me encouragement and has made me want to change other unhealthy habits. The care I have recieved has been exceptional. Sincerity and knowing that your well being is a genuine concern goes a long way and is unfortunately a rarity for the most part. ~S.B. 


My husband and I had always wanted children, but I hadn't had a regular cycle in 12 years. The medical doctors told me it would be impossible for me to conceive. When my low back started hurting I sought out care with Chiropractic for Health. I was surprised when two months later my cycle resumed after being absent for several years. When I spoke to my chiropractors about it, they said they weren't surprised because my body was healing itself and returning to normal function. I was getting excited about the possibility of being able to conceive but didn't want to believe it yet. Three months later, my husband and I got a huge surprise when I found out I was pregnant! I went back to my medical doctor and he told me it was absolutely impossible that I could be pregnant, he had done everything medically possible. Thanks to Chiropractic for Health, I delivered a healthy baby boy 7 months later! Little did I know that going to a chiropractor for my low back pain would actually lead to me being able to conceive a child. Everyone should know about the benefits of chiropractic care. ~ J.H.

Ear infections in children

I brought my nineteen month old daughter into Chiropractic for Health after her fourth round of antibiotics for chronic ear infections. I was losing hope, and worried she would have to get tubes put in her ears. A friend of mine mentioned chiropractic care could help, and I decided to give it a try. After spending six months trying antibiotic after antibiotic, I was amazed when two weeks after she started getting adjusted all of her symptoms disappeared. She hasn't had another ear infection since! Chiropractic for Health prevented my baby from needing surgery or any medical intervention. She's a happy and healthy, well -adjusted little girl now. ~K.P.

Low Back Pain

As a member of our country's military, I have endured countless injuries. Being the tough guy that I am, I would take about eight Advil every day to cover up my pain. After much nagging, my wife dragged my into Chiropractic for Health against my will!! I'd always thought that chiropractors weren't "real" doctors, and I made it known during my first visit. However, after my first adjustment I was able to sleep through the night after two weeks of tossing and turning due to pain. I felt my skepticism ebbing a little, but was still wary of just what this "chiropractic" thing was all about. I was intrigued enough to continue getting adjusted though, and to my surprise, under regular chiropractic care my back pain is getting progressively better. I've stopped taking Advil every day, and I've noticed a huge change in not only my low back pain, but also how my body feels. ~A.V.


I'd had daily headaches since I was twelve years old. It had gotten to the point where it was normal for me to not be able to concentrate, to take a couple of Aleve every day and to not run and do the things I love to do because my head was always hurting. When I fell on my head playing soccer, I wandered into Chiropractic for Health for neck pain. To my surprise, when I started getting adjusted not only did my neck pain get better, but I woke up one day and realized I hadn't had a headache in over a week! I've stayed under regular chiropractic care because it makes me feel great, and I haven't had a headache in years! ~K.G.

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  • "Thanks to Chiropractic for Health, I delivered a healthy baby boy 7 months later! Little did I know that going to a chiropractor for my low back pain would actually lead to me being able to conceive a child. Everyone should know about the benefits of chiropractic care."